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Here is the latest stable version:

After download the file, unzip it to a folder and follow the instructions of the INSTALL.txt file. If you find a bug or want to add any improvements, please don't hesitate to let know me through the contact form.

Thank you for your collaboration.

- Added test files for new objects
- Added support to integrated circuit PCF8591 AD/DA converter
- Updated BMP180 object
- Updated the InterfaceI2C object
- Added support to integrated circuit BMP180
- SevenSegments object optimized
- Small corrections
- Added support to LCD2004A
- Updated LiquidCrystal and LCD1604A objects
- Updated the LiquidCrystal object
- Added object for the control of LCD 1604A
- Fixed small bug in test file
- Updated the InterfaceGPIO object
- Added new method on WorkerTask
- Corrected some bad translations
- Fixed bugs in SevenSegments object
- Fixed bugs on files of LiquidCrystal
- More details debugging task objects
- Documented the InterfaceGPIO object
- Added function in InterfaceGPIO for write quickly

- Added support to Interface I2C in the MotorStepper object
- Added support to Interface I2C in the Blinker object
- Updated new changes in I2C Objects
- Small corrections in test files
- Changed exceptions syntax
- Updated I2C objects
- Added LiquidCrystal Object
- Updated SevenSegments object
- Forgot exception
- Added functions to read in InterfaceI2CSlave
- Fixed small bugs in Interfacei2c
- Updated and simplified test files
- Updated InterfaceManager object to support the I2C protocol
- Adding the necessary classes to support I2C protocol
- Fixed bug: Function name misspelled
- Removed backward compatibility functions
- Removed unused import modules
- Fixed small bug

- Updated test files
- It does not change the dutycycle value of rotation changes
- Fixed bug: don't stop in PWM_REVERSIBLE mode
- Syntax wrong
- Added new test files for MotorDC
- Added new operation mode for MotorDC
- Corrected and updated exceptions
- Allows control of one or more interface objects by a device
- Added two new operating modes to MotorDC
- Updated the Blinker object
- Updated motorservo2 test file
- Updated SevenSegments object
- Corrected the methods to control speed
- Added MotorDC object.
- Renamed SevenSegmentGroup to SevenSegments and updated object.
- Added function
- Added some test files
- Small modifications in InterfacePWM
- Added default value in wait function
- Updated to inline if statement
- Small modification in exception message
- Removed unused exception

- Small modifications in SimonSay tests file
- Some corrections in exceptions file
- Sets default data value when it's not defined
- Small fixed bug
- The "logging" module removed from files where it's not used
- Included motorservo module to __init__ file
- SevenSegment object rewrited
- Text correction.
- Updated tests files.
- Added timeout parameter to the "join" method in Worker class
- Fixed bug: Limited the time to wait to stop a Worker object
- Cosmetic changes
- Renamed some InterfaceGPIO class functions

- Added the SevenSegment and SevenSegmentGroup objects
- Added new exceptions
- Fixed bug:  Corrected initialization of InUserChannelError exception
- Fixed bug: Allows modify properties to a channel by the owner Interface
- Replaced obsolete comparison "not equal"
- Updated FlipFlop object
- Cosmetic changes
- Fixed bug: Reference to InterfaceGPIO forgotten
- Fixed: Exception forgotten
- Fixed wrong usage of the PWM object

- Frees channels when the interface is removed
- Reordered parameters in write method
- Removed unused or duplicate functions
- Text correction
- MotorServo updated to support new features in InterfacePWM
- InterfacePWM and TaskPWM adapted to control more that one channel
- Removed older code
- Adapted InterfacePWM to control more that one channel
- Fix bug: small bug in exceptions calls
- Updated MotorServo object
- Removed some comments
- Removed older code
- Removed the time parameter from some methods
- Optional parameter in exception OutRangeError
- Device MotorServo rewritten for work with InterfacePWM
- MotorServo rewritten for work with InterfacePWM
- Allows to control InterfacesPWM in the InterfaceManager
- Set default values in setup method when they are omitted
- Renamed object methods
- Added InterfacePWM object and TaskPWM object to support PWM devices

- Removed unnecessary directory
- Removed unused code
- Deleting compressed files
- Updated and added some test files
- Update InterfaceGPIO
- Allows objects check and filter by interface type
- Rewritten InterfaceManager to manage more kinds of Interfaces

- Update test files
- Added function to modified the correction factor
- Correction of wrong word
- Fixed bug: The last step is lost because there is no delay before turning off the windings.
- Reordering parameters, the parameter by default will be steps
- English translation of comments
- Optimizations to improve speed of stepper bipolar motor
- Fixed bug: It tries to write in worker when the thread is dead

- Added the "timeit" decorator for speed tests
- Added
- Update MotorServo object
- Cosmetic changes and remove unused fuction
- Some optimizations to improve speed of stepper motors

- First version.
- Partially tested but almost everything works.

Good Luck!