DC motors
bentejuy Jan 20, 2016 Tags MotorDC InterfaceGPIO InterfacePWM

One of the objects that has raised the most questions for me about how to design it has been the object responsible for controlling DC motors, and not necessarily because of its complexity or the possible technical difficulties involved, but because of the different possibilities we have for controlling it, ranging from a simple on/off for the motor to controlling the speed and direction of its rotation. The challenge was not to create several objects for each configuration, and to do it in a simple, efficient and elegant way. I hope I have succeeded.

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Interacting with Servomotors
bentejuy Dec 31, 2015 Tags InterfacePWM MotorServo Buttons

This is a simple example of how we can interact with the different devices in the library. In this case, I will use some servos to continue with the previous article and control their positions using some buttons.

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The Servo Motor - Part I
bentejuy Nov 22, 2015 Tags MotorServo InterfacePWM

The servo motor is one of the fundamental elements of robotics. Thanks to its functionality, it is widely used in a multitude of applications. Internally, the servo motor is made up of a reduction gear, a DC motor and an electronic control unity that controls the position or angle of the servo motor.

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