Interacting with Servomotors
bentejuy Dec 31, 2015 Tags InterfacePWM MotorServo Buttons

This is a simple example of how we can interact with the different devices in the library. In this case, I will use some servos to continue with the previous article and control their positions using some buttons.

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Simon Says with Python
bentejuy Jun 13, 2015 Tags InterfaceGPIO Blinker Buttons

I wanted to make a small practical application where I could test some objects I've used and I remembered a simple and fantastic game of my childhood; Simon Says. So I used the objects "Blinker" and "Buttons" and a few functions to implement something similar.

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The Buttons Object
bentejuy May 02, 2015 Tags InterfaceGPIO Buttons

The Buttons object is an object that allows us to configure one or more GPIO channels as input to manage state changes and events in the input channels.

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