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Added the InterfacePWM class

One of the basic rules that I try to follow in this library is that the devices shouldn’t use GPIO channels directly, but instead…

The Class List of Raspybot

This is the class structure of the Raspybot module, as I mentioned in the previous article it's under development and maybe some…

Raspybot is Here!

Hello everyone. After buying my first Raspberry Pi, I wanted to know what I could do with it, and how to get the most out of it. With…

What is Raspybot?

You have a question? Let's find out!

Raspybot is a library written in Python to interact with the Raspberry Pi or similar and his GPIO channels. It is a library designed to work in a non-blocking mode, so you can build whatever your imagination want.

It has been written in Python for its ease of learning and development, Raspybot depend on the RPi.GPIO python module written by Ben Croston. If you need to learn Python, there are plenty of books, manuals and websites exclusively for this purpose.

The purpose of this library is the learning of small projects in robotics, electronic and informatic. All in one!

I'm aware of the limitations of Python with multi-tasking and real-time or timing critical applications. But this should not be an inconvenience to learn, perhaps a obstacle more.

Simply learn and have fun. I created library to teach my children in these fields, without major pretensions, and I would like to share them with everybody or with who have the same objectives.